What we do

totalHOTEL.coza is designed so that every employee has responsibility over any money or stock being handled by him/her. There are massive similarities between the way employees and customers are handled in the system. This gives you the ultimate control in your establishment. You will be able to report on the following parts of your business:

  • Booking Management. Staff Shift Management. Restaurant Table Management.
  • Subsequent to this, other parts of the website will cover all the other transactions in your establishment: Supplier orders. Supplier invoices. Table Invoices. Waitron Invoices. Data Xchange. (importing & exporting of data)
  • Real-time Stock. Valuation Staff Scheduling. Staff: Hours worked and payment due to them Outstanding Customer Invoices Outstanding Supplier Invoices. Trial balance. Income Statement. Balance Sheet.

Shopping Lists based on Reorder Level and Suggested order amount based on history and future bookings. Many many more We are a 100% paperless system. All documents in the system can be emailed and all agreements to your customers are handled with email integrations. totalHOTEL.coza was designed in such a way that it is not very data intensive, so for your backup connection a hotspot from any mobile device with data will make do.

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